Auditioning for a Children's Audio Drama Podcast

A few days ago I auditioned for a role from a casting call for a children's audio drama podcast. They had a link to their first (and only) episode they created. I listened to it and thought it was pretty good. I did think the sound design could be better though. The sounds weren't "ambient" enough and the music cut too fast. The sound effects were also from a cheap free sound effect library, but they tend to not have very many unique, and I have 5000+ personal sound effects and songs. I'm considering offering to help in that area as well as voice acting. Which brings me to that fact that I auditioned for the "storyteller" part. They need several people to either narrate the stories or do fun voices like goblins and kings and fairies. I read, recorded, and sent the audition for the role. The director actually said I had a big chance of getting the role because of my young teen voice (just about everybody else is over 18, so it's rare to get a voice as young as mine). Also, the role is paying a small amount of $10 per episode you voice act in. That seems fair to me since I know I'd enjoy it. They actually don't have a deadline, so I'm guessing they'll cast people here and there, but I'm guessing it'll end by the end of September.