I just finished a call with 2 co hosts of the new show I'm producing. They cover drama about content creators (Youtubers, Tik Tokkers, streamers, etc) and cancel culture and whether a content creator was justly "cancelled" or not.
Their show goes live every Wednesday, lasts for about 45 minutes, and is livestreamed to Twitch. They've done one episode so far, and while I was watching it I had some ideas to make it even better. It's always good to interact with viewers, so I suggested at the end of the show they should do a Q&A with the viewers relating to any topics they were covering. During their show, if they need to show images or videos relating to the topics they're talking about, they'll ask me to display the images or clips for the viewers to see so they can catch up with what's going on. I'll also be helping with transitions, overlay alerts, background panels, etc.