In one of my recent blog posts I talked about working for a new podcaster, Gideon McManus. I recently went on a call with him to talk about how the show will be run. 

The podcast will be livestreamed daily to, and including video. There's about 10 people on the staff/team to help with the podcast, all editors or co hosts working on their own segments such as interviews and news. Some days will be different segments with different hosts, and other days with other segments and hosts. I'm a backup host in case someone can't make it to their segment (and I might get a segment to host with another guy, but that's not certain yet.

Once the livestream is finished, it's my job to convert it to audio and run it through leveling, compression, de-essers, etc. After that I will upload it to all the podcast locations like Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, etc.