Voicing "Tails' in a Sonic The Hedgehog Fandub

Last week, someone contacted me on Casting Call Club and said I would have a great voice for the character of 'Tails' in Sega's Sonic Mania Adventures.

This was a weird coincidence since just an hour previously, I had been playing Sega's Sonic All-Star Racing, which is one of the smaller games based off of the original Sonic games. I was pretty familiar with Tails' voice, so I was able to voice him pretty well. I learned something from another actor I worked alongside with, and whenever he sent in the voice recordings, he would send it as a zip folder. Inside the zip folder, he had the recordings with his voice, except he saved each line as its own file, that way it'd be easier for the audio editors to put the voices together, and that's how I sent my script recordings. I did come across a problem while recording; in the script, I was supposed to do a happy laugh, except it's hard to force yourself to laugh and not sound like it's fake! I've been stressing about what to do and looked up videos on how to laugh on demand. Hopefully, I can figure something out.