My New Setup (again)

Yep! You read the title right! I've been moving around things to make more space so I won't feel so tight when I'm editing or voice acting.

As you can see in the pictures, it's much more open, but not as echo-y (since I put the acoustic foam on the walls). What I'd like to do next is bring in a fold-up table and then put my computer on there, instead of my extremely rickety/shaky jammed desk. What I'd also like to add to my "studio" is get some mixers to make editing faster (those panels with a bunch of sliders). A mixer can add a lot of effects to make the voice sound better, and it has multiple inputs so I can connect all my mics to it at once. I can also control tracks faster in Audition. I saw a video where you can get an app on a tablet that connects to the computer, and then acts as an interface! This looked really cool, so now I'm considering buying a tablet so I can do that! I'd also be nice to get thicker and heavier curtains for the windows in the room so it can also stop the echo from the window.