C.S. Lewis Play

Two days ago my dad and I went to San Francisco. It was an awesome trip! We first drove about 3 hours to the bay and stopped in Vallejo, and then got on a ferry boat. This was my first time ever being on a ferry boat, and it was a great experience! Inside the boat the seats were comfortable, and it didn't feel tight or cramped and it wasn't too bouncy. You could also go outside in the back, although there wasn't much space. It was cool to see all the water going in the air because of how much power the engines had. Here's a picture of the ferry boat:

After we got out, we walked around San Francisco until 4:00, when the play started. The play was really good! They had David Payne as C.S. Lewis, and his acting was, shall I say, superb! The story itself was very touching and moving; funny in some parts and serious in others. It felt like it was actually C.S. Lewis himself explaining his story. The play was about an hour and a half.
They're also performing another play with C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien in other cities. It would be awesome to go to that one too.