Getting The Yeti Repaired!

Lately, I've been having connection issues with my microphone; the Blue Yeti, and thankfully we bought a warranty for it (it costs $130, so I wouldn't want to lose that money!), so we shipped it back. They said they would replace it with the same type of mic. The mic's color I got was "Blackout", and there were a few other color choices, so I slipped a note in the box with mic asking if the replaced mic could be the color "Platinum". We just shipped it 2 days ago, and hopefully, I'll get a working platinum color mic. I just have to say, I LOVE the Yeti! It has great sound quality for how much it costs, and I got it in March last year. But what I would like to try next is the Rode NT1A, another condenser mic that's a bit higher class then the Yeti, and it's an extra $100 (it costs $230), and from the reviews I've seen, it's a really good mic! I could probably get it cheaper used though for under $150, but that could be risky.