Info About my Web

Well, we've been working on Quail Audio, and now I have to upload samples so that clients know what what we do and how good we are. My dad's been helping me finish the website. It'll be launched my the end of this month. 

As I said, I have to upload some sample audio pieces. Here are a few of the ones I've chosen:

This is before it's been edited:

This is after it's been edited:

Well, those are some samples of what I'm doing.

We have a whole page devoted to showing what we do, sample audios and the process of editing.
next, we have another page showing the prices (which we haven't figured out yet).
We were thinking if the episode is under 30 minutes, $1 per minute, and if it's over 30 minutes, then $1.50 per minute.

My brother is helping with website and making little changes here and there. He's very experienced and has made websites in the past for other people.