Radio Voice Over!

A few days ago I made an audition in a wav format (it took me about 30-45 minutes because I had to practice the script they put up, and then add the effects, mixing and putting in the music) to have my voice over on the radio for a music radio station. The same day I auditioned, they cast me to do some voice-over radio announcements for them! It was very exciting, and they then sent me the script. The script they sent me the wrong script at first and was meant for a female to read (they were also casting a few other people to have their voice on the radio). The one they sent me had some of this, "GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS...ON STATIC". The next day we sorted out the mix-up, and then they sent me the right one. This was more like it, "YOU'RE LISTENING TO THE BEST...YEAR BY YEAR...ON STATIC." I recorded the script and sent it to them by the end of the week. There might be another script they want me to record. 

Here's the audition I sent them:

You can find their site here

I found them at Casting Call Club, an awesome site for hosting casting calls or auditioning for roles!